Ecotourism of Cities and Counties

Prepare your trip with love and care for nature!

Through the official trail, enjoy tranquility that nature prensets with your strong feet.

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Gyeongcheon Singgeuraengi Eco Village

There are Wonteo’s inn where magistrate party used to stay and a three hundred year-old Hemiptelea which was used as signpost before, traditional culture that plays Dangsan rite annually and wild flower colony was formed following corner to Hwaamsa Temple, national treasure no. 316.

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Eco tourist site based on Maisan mountain which was derived from its shape of horse’s ear. Natural monument otter and several unique vegetations live in and ecosystem like lightning bug are well preserved in ‘Euncheon-stream’

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Fireflies Eco-Tourism

Fostered around Gucheondong Valley of Muju and Bandi land which flow from notrh side of Deogyusan National Park about 70 miles.

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Geumgang River First Crop Tteunbongsaem Eco Tourist Site

With background of Tteunbongsaem Spring which is ‘source of Geumgang river’, the spot is where Masil-gil trail of Baekdudaegan Mountain starts.

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Baekdudaegan Mountain Range Ecotourism Belt

Around Unbong plateau where phytoncide is plenty, you can observe eco education center and Baekdudaegan Mountain range’s Guryong valley, Red-Leaved Hornbeam Forest, Old pine tree habitat where their beautiful scenery is shown all year round within a 10km radius.

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Seongsusan Mountain King’s Forest Eco-Tourism

Against a background of Sangiam and Seongsusan Mountain where the founding stories of Taejo Wang Geon of Goryeo dynasty and Yi Seong-gye of Joseon dynasty have been passing down, in the height of 876m, with a deep valley and dense forest, it is characterized by a striking and clear view when you reach the top of the mountain.

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Seomjingang Janggunmok Eco-Tourism

The outstanding ecosystem in upper area of Seomjingang river is decorated with marvelous shape of rocks(Pothole) which were made through water current during tens of thousands year, providing us over three kilomiters of mysterious geological resource. It also illustrates unique scene seasonally and present pleasures to us.

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Solti moonlight Eco-Forest

Naejangsan means ‘many treasures are hidden in mountain’ due to the gorgeous beauty of nine peaks like Geumseon fall and valley, Seolaebong and Kkachibong peaks. Like national park and swamp, it has high value of ecologic conservation and eleven kinds of natural monuments such as cooper-winged bat which is ranked first class of endangered species, wildcat and marten inhabits. Especially Wolyeong swamp is ranked first class for swamp conservation and Repository of plant diversity designated as swamp protection area in 2014

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Ungok Ramsar Wetland Eco-Tourism Area

Designated as Wetland protect area and Ramsar wetland, Ungok ramsar wetland is ecologically excellent area where 864 kinds of various species are living. Linked with Gochang’s dolmen – UNESCO World Heritage – you can explore ecology and historical culture at once in Ungok ramsar wetland.

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Byeoggolje Nonggyeongwon

210,000㎡ scale of river island created in Wonpyeongcheon river, stream of Moaksan mountain. There are fields dyed with golden-colored plants and agricultural road which you could feel nature as it is.

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Cheongamsan Eco-Round

After designated as water supply source preservation area in 1963, access was forbidden until 2009. With such effort, the natural ecosystem around Gunsan lake is well preserved.

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Geumma Seodong Eco-Tourism

Iksan-si is where the legend of Seodongyo, the king Mu of Baekje, married to the Princess Seonwha indwells around and Yonghwasan Mountain and Geumma reservoir that resembles the shpae of Korean Peninsula.

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익산 완주 김제 군산 진안 무주 장수 남원 임실 순창 정읍 고창
익산 완주 김제 군산 진안 무주 장수 남원 임실 순창 정읍 고창