What is Ecotourism?

Definition of Ecotourism

The Natural Environment Conservation Act(art. 2) The term “ecotourism” means eco-friendly tour that can experience importance of environment through conservation and wise use of natural resource in area where the ecosystem is particularly excellent or scenery is graceful.
The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) A responsible travel to natural areas considering environment conservation and enhancing the welfare of local residents.
01 Environment conservation Conservation of ecologically outstanding area
02 Environment education Promoting recognition of natural support value
03 Participation of local residents Promoting eco-firendly tourism

Feature of Ecotourism

Promote sustainable use while preserving ecosystem
Increase recognition of natural resource through explanation and education of ecological environment and local culture
Local community centered tour through resident’s participation

Promise for Ecotourism

0 1
Do not
make a loud noise.
Avoid loud voice when you are close to nature. Creatures may be surprised and leave that home.
0 2
Enjoy relaxation
of slow step!
Through the official trail, enjoy tranquility that nature prensets with your strong feet.
0 3
Prepare your trip with love
and care for nature!
Out of city area, you may feel unusual inconvenience. Please prepare thoroughly before the travel.
0 4
Enjoy local specialty,
local accommodation,
and travel agency!
You can return earnings to local residents who truly love and understand local nature.
0 5
Do not bring
your companion
animals (pets)
Please think of unexpected disturbance of ecosystem. furthermore, no companion animals are allowed in national park by law.
0 6
Use nature
and facilities
Don’t dump trash or
doodle on facilities.
Ecotourists only leave
clean steps and touches.