Trend of Internal and External Ecotourism

Internal Trend of Ecotourism

f i r s t
Search for Outstanding Resources and
Support Branding
Ministry of Environment is designating the areas that have enviromentally high conservation value that provide experience to educate significance of ecosystem conservation like wetland protection area, ecological and scenery conservation area as ’21 spot of ecological tourism zone’, supporting early settlement and branding such as establishment and management of residents-council , resarch and investigation of ecotourism resource as well as program development and the way of income generation with promotion plan through expert’s consulting.
s e c o n d
Expansion of
Ecotourism Infrastructure
Demand for ecology visit in ecologically outstanding area that can experience nature, such as national park, wetland conservation area, ecological and scenery conservation area, is growing but scarcity of facility and accomodation is an obstacle to invigorating ecotourism. accordingly, eco-tourism areas where accommodation are not available are receiving support in developing eco-friendly ‘eco-town’ where can experience environment while staying.
t h i r d
Developing and
Popularizing Various Program
Ecotourism program are developed and managed to focus on providing chances in cultivating sensitivity and personality while experiencing ecology, but in a small scale of participation considering the environmental capacity in area
f o u r t h
Education and Promotion for
Improvement of Ecotourism Awareness
While having a meeting and ecotourism academy for operator of ecotourism like local residents and public official, there are various kinds of public relations activity for conveying right meaning of ecotourism and improving awareness about ecotourism policy as well as designated area

26 National Eco Tourist Sites


External Trend of Ecotourism

The Year of World Ecotourism

Gain awareness of importance of ecotourism

Hold the national ecotourism function

recommend establishment of association where stakeholders participate in person

Emphasize related stakeholder’s active participation and cooperation is indispensable while ecotourism is contributing to antipoverty and environment cocnservation

World Ecotourism Conference

Clearly define meaning and limit of ecotourism

Realization that tourism should contribute to sustainable development and be a advance guard

Agree on cooperation between stakeholders and related department is the core element because ecotourism contribute to sustainable development

Quebec Announcement

Innate Principle of Ecotourism
Active contribute to natural, cultural heritage

Enthusiastic participation of local residents, promotion of welfare

Necessity of explanation about tourist site and cultural heritage

Target individual, small scale of tourists

Raise an importance of government’s rold in sustainable development of ecotourism

Consultation on Ecotourism

United Nations Environment Programme
To manage earth environment problems, UNEP was established in the 27th UN General Assembly. they rule ecoroutism as measure of sustainable development in parallel with particular tour activities that small scales of group visit netural region in educational method and share information and excellent case of ecotourism through UNEP sustainable international partnership
The International Ecotourism Society
Established in 1990, working as the front line of ecotourism for setting up guidelines, education, and tech support. Taking the lead in preserving biological diversity and sustainable tour.
Global Sustainable Tourism Council
An institute that more than 50 associations are united for improving awareness about sustainbale tour action and choosing global sustainable tour principle based on partnership for international sustainable tour standard

International Organization

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Birdlife International
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