Jeollabuk-do Province Ecotourism policy

Background of Jeonbuk Ecotourism Upbringing Policy


jeollabuk-do of Total tourism / Culture-economic promotion based on ecology resource in Junbuk

Take advantage of ecology resource in Junbuk which is well preserved than other area environmentally, carry tour invigoration that environment, residents and tourists join in happy through area’s brand value and regional economy improvement

Increase of Tourist’s Demand


Provide Future Generation an Ecological Experience

Growth of Local
Creation of
Added Value
Tourist With a Sense
of Responsibility
Conservation of
Natural Resources

Jeonbuk Ecotourism Upbringing Business

Period of Project

~ 2024 Years

Project Operated By

12 Cities and Counties in Jeollabuk-do Province


Ecological Observation, Information, Exhibition, Education and Advertise Facilities about Natural Environtments, Build Eco-Villages


To establish the “Total-tour” infrastructure where local society can grow its economies by successfully using the well-reserved natural resources of Jeollabuk-do Province. The invigoration of local economy is one of the main subject of 6th popular election, and the nature of Jeollabuk-do Province can play a significant role.

Planning · Adjustment · Operational Support for Jeollabuk-do Ecotourism Site
Creating Eco Experience Infra and developing resource environment studies and Ecological programs
Business Support and Education for villagers from Ecotourism consultative group
Build up Database for ecology resources in constant monitoring of eco site
Creation of Ecotourism brand for Jeollabuk-do with Co-advertising and marketing
Establishment of Ecotourism system for performing R&D study