Namwon-si Cheolligil

The place with nice mountains
and waters, Namwon-si

Namwon-si is located under the Jiri Mountain which is known as the mother mountain of all mountains in Korea. Namwon-si used to be known as a place with nice mountains and waters, and a place where tradition continued. Also, it is remembered as a place where ‘Chunhyang Tale’, the story of Lee Mongryong and Sung Chunhyang, originated.

The old castle place of Dalgung-li (Deokdong-li) at the foot of the Jiri Mountain is said to be built by the old King of Mahan who escaped from war. Even in the records from the Joseon dynasty, such a story can be seen. Thus, Namwon-si’s history seems like that it lasted for a long time.

Also, in Wolsan-li at the east side of the Unbong Highland, the heritages from Gaya have been found, so we can suppose that a very strong force used to live here in the past. Scholars even call this place as Unbong Gaya.

In Goryeo and Joseon era, among many big and small fights, this region has produced a lot of generals, which shows the spirit of Namwon-si.

This region has produced a lot of generals, which shows the spirit of Namwon-si.

Namwon-si and Jiri Mountain at the very end  of the Baekdu Mountain range are inseparable,
and even the ‘Jiri Mountain Doole-gil’ which is a famous hiking trail starts from Namwon-si.

Namwon-si in the Jeonbuk Cheolligil consists of this famous mountain,
Jiri Mountain and also the Gyoryong mountain, another famous mountain of Namwon-si.

You should try taking the Namwon-si couse in the Jeonbuk Cheolligil.

Jiri Mountain Doole-gil 1st course starts from the Jucheon-myeon and goes until the Unbong. Jeonbuk Cheolligil has a changed course, and lets the hikers enjoy the Guryong Waterfall and the Guryong Valley. In the second course of the Jiri Mountain Doole-gil, you are able to walk along the village at the Jiri Mountain, and at the Gyoryong Mountain Doole-gil, you can experience the mountain that went through major historical events such as the Japanese Invasion in 1592 and Donghak peasantry revolution.

If you want to walk in the forest with a fresh feeling and clear water, if you want to invigorate yourself, you should try taking the Namwon-si couse in the Jeonbuk Cheolligil. You will be able to feel the new energy sprung inside of you.

Jiri Mountain Doole-gil 1st Course

Length 14km
Road Name Forest and Hill Road
Main Course 5hrs 30mins
Main Course Jucheon-myeon office – Naesong Village – Guryongchi – Samurak Damurak
–  Guryong Waterfall – Yukmojeong – Jucheon-myeon office

This mountain is called mother, and when a fool climbs this mountain, he or she is said to become wise, thus the name Jiri Mountain. It is also called Dooryu Mountain as the Baekdu Mountain range is said to rise high again.

Jiri Mountain doole-gil that goes around the mountain is known as the great hiking trail in Korea. The Doole-gil consists of about 22 sections and 3 provinces, and it starts from the Jiri Mountain Doole-gil Guryong Waterfall Trail.

Next to the Security Center, this is the signboard next to the starting point

You start from the Jucheon-myeon office (security center), walk along the stream and cross the stepping stones. The water is cold as it is from the mountain. If you walk along the road for a while, you will encounter Naesong Village. After you pass by this prosperous village, you will reach the path in the mountains.

You can sit in the Ant Pavilion Resting point and take a breath.

In the Anf Pavilion, there is an interesting myth. During the Japanese Invasion in 1592, General Jo Gyeongnam took a rest here after defeating all the enemies in Unbong Pallangchi. The enemies approached while he was asleep, but an ant bit his ankle so he woke up and defeated all the enemies. Thus, this is a unique place.

When you walk along the beautiful scenery, you will feel more energetic.

Fromt he Ant Pavilion near the starting point of the trail until Guryongchi,
it is about 2km long, and it is known for climbing up the Unbong Highland.
Every step you take, you will get nearer to the sky and farther away from the ground.
If you are panting, you will take out all the toxins in your body. You will breath away all the hatred, hostility, woes and depression with every step you take.

After you pass the Yeonliji, you will encounter a downward slope.
In the small streams you will see in the middle of the hike, you will find clear waters.

Make a wish at Samurak Damurak.

While climbing down, if you see Samurak Damurak, you are halfway there. Like the merchants who would have crossed this place numerous times, place a stone on top of the pile of stones and make a wish. Samurak is a wish, and Damurak is a wall. Your pile of stones will someday become a robust wall.

Once you get down to Deokchi-li Hoedeok Village, you should go up a little along the road in front of the resting point, towards the Guryong Waterfall. After you pass by the paved road, you will see Guryongjeong, Guryong Waterfall, and the Guryong Temple neary in the forest. These are the highlights of this trail.

You can see the Guryong waterfall once you climb down the deck stairs. The canopy walk above the loud and grand waterfall may even make you have goosebumps.

It is thrilling to walk on the canopy above the Guryong Waterfall.

The nine dragons are perhaps hiding in each place. The question continues even after you pass by the waterfall, visit the observatory and go to the Guryong Valley. As the valley is beautiful, the trail looks more profound. The mountain is surrounding the valley like a folding screen, and the trail in the valley looks invigorating.

After you pass by the great sceneries that each have their own stories like Bipokdong, Yuseondae, and Hakseondae, you will reach the Guryong Tourism Information Center, then the Guryong Waterfall trail will end.

You will then go back to the departure point after passing by the Yukmojeong. After you complete the course, you will feel proud of yourself. This is why there are so many people who enjoy Jiri Mountain.

Jiri Mountain lets you fully experience its charms.

  • Recommneded

    The road along the valley is fresh
    and green with surrounding
    mountains like a folding screen

  • Transportation

    When taking the train, take no.
    101, 102 from Namwon station,
    when using the terminal, take
    no. 101, 102, 272 from the terminal station. > Get off at Jangan or Sin-gi station,
    walk 10 minutes to
    Jucheon-myeon Office
    (goes back to the starting point,
    goes in a reverse order at the

  • Information Center

    Guryong Tourism Information Center

  • Representative

    Namwon Municipal Office Dept. of Environment

Jiri Mountain Doole-gil 2nd course

Length 11km
Road Name Forest and Hill Road
Main Course 4hrs
Main Course Unbong-eup office – Bukcheon Village – Sin-gi Village
– Okgye Reservoir – Heungbu Valley Recreational Forest – Inwol Village

There is also the Jebang-gil
that crosses the vast field and land.

Jiri Mountain Doole-gil’s 2nd course is called the Unbong-Inwol section. At the right side, there is the Jiri Mountain’s northwest ridge that connects Barae-bong and Gori-bong, and on the left side, there is the Baekdu ridge that links to Gonam Mountain and Sujeong-bong.

The road that starts after Unbong-eup is the section that is called the Unbong plain. At the first part of the journey, you can walk along the Ramcheon riverside. There is also the Jebang-gil that crosses the vast field and land. When you pass by this place while humming, you will see Hwangsan Battle monument.

It is a nice trail along the Jebang.

The Japanese invaders during the Goryeo times was not just a mere thief,
but had a big army, so they advanced until Hanyang.
The battle of Hwangsan was a battle that eradicated the Japanese invaders.

The Bijeon Village nearby is a village that was naturally made as people moved to the place in order to take care of the Hwangsan Battle monument.

After you pass by the Okgye Reservoir, you can enjoy the forest along the Imdo.
You can take a rest at Heungbu Valley Recreational Forest.
It is now notso far away from Inwol-myeon.

Take a look at Inwol-jeong, a pavilion which means that it attracts the moon.
Inwol-myeon still has the old streets, and has the old atmosphere in every scenery.

  • Recommneded

    You can walk the trail in spring
    when the cherry blossoms bloom
    along the Ramcheon side.
    This is a trail with a lot of
    heritages, so you can take a
    look around slowly.

  • Transportation

    Departure: Tke no. 114, 121, 132,
    133, 142 at  Namwon Station and
    Namwon Terminal > Get off at
    Unbong station.

    Destination: Walk 5 minutes from
    Inwol Village > Inwol Jiri Mountain
    Bus Terminal

    *When taking the train from the
    destination, most of the buses go
    until Namwon station, but it takes
    about an hour and a half.

  • Information Center

  • Representative

    Namwon Municipal Office Dept. of Environment

Gyoryong Mountain Doole-gil

Length 8km
Road Name Forest and Hill Road
Main Course 3hrs
Main Course Gyoryong Mountan National Tourist Complex – Gyoryong Mountain ridge circulation

This is a trail along
the Gyoryong Mountain

This is a trail along the Gyoryong Mountain that went through the Japanese Invasion in 1592 and Donghak Peasantry Movement, and it is a national toursit complex.

You will come across a monument that says, ‘Gyoryong Mountain, the heritage of Donghak and Donghak peasant force’. The leader of Donghak, Suun Choi Jewoo established the doctrine and spread it here, and Kimgaenamgun of Donghak who took over Namwon castle also stayed here.

In autumn, this place is known for its beautiful autumn leaves.

The Gyoryong Fortress and Seonguk Temple is a place that must be visited.
You will be able to see the values of the mountain rather than just enjoying the hike.
Gyoryong Fortress is supposed to be a castle from the Baekje era. During the Japanese Invasion in 1592, the Captain Cheoyeong fought the Japanese forces here.
If you think of the Manin Cemetery of Righteous Fighters near the Gyoryong Mountain, you will be able to imagein how big of a battle it was.

Along the trail, you will enjoy looking down at the villages and the Namwon city near the bottom of the mountain. The well-paved road and signboards are not only at the Jiri Mountail Doole-gil. It is such a nice path.

  • Recommneded

    Gyoryong Mountain is great for
    mountain climbing. It is near the
    Namwon downtowon, so after you
    complete the trail, try visiting the
    Gwanghanru or the Chunhyang
    theme park for a better trip.

  • Transportation

    Take bus no. 244 from Chilseung
    Village station in front of Namwon
    station, or take om. 244
    from Namwon terminal
    > Get off at Junbuk Human Resources Development Institute
    > walk 15 minutes to Gyoryong
    Mountain National Tourist
    (goes back to the starting point,
    goes in a reverse order from

  • Information Center

    Namwon Station Tourist Information Center

  • Representative

    Namwon Municipal Office Dept. of Environment