Gunsan-si Cheolligil

The visitors can see
the past of Gunsan.

We know that the reason why this peaceful region became a big marine city with a big harbor was because of the sad history behind it.

The Gunsan Harbor that was made and developed in order to forcefully collect the rice in the granary regions of Jeonbuk such as Gimje and Jeongeup during the Japanese colonial era was unique place in history that served as the forward base of logistics and the inflow route of international culture during modernization.

Even now, there are many cultural heritages such as Donguk Temple, the only Japanese-style temple in Korea, Jeoksan House, Hirotsu House and others. Modern heritages are well preserved in the Gunsan Modern History Museum, so the visitors can see the past of Gunsan.

There are a lot of Gunsan’s values other than historical ones.

The country’s best bakery, beef stew with rice, bean sprout soup with rice,
Chinese restaurants with a long history, and other gourmet places are famous as well.
You will also find various parks like Eunpa Lake Park and Gogunsan Archipelago that
recently got connect to the mainland with the help of Saemangeum tide embankment.
You will make many precious memories by walking along the lower part of the Geum River.

Let’s walk along

Jeonbuk Cheolligil in Gunsan Province consists of courses where you will see various sceneries of the beautiful Gunsan region. In Gubul 8-gil, you will see the Gogunsan Archipelago where there is a myth that Taoist fairies and gods visited. Gubul 4-gil and 5-gil let you feel the peaceful nature in the famous lake and park of Gunsan. In Gubul 6-1, there is the former downtown, which is the setting of the novel, “Takryu”.

One cannot possibly omit Gunsan when talking about Jeollabuk-do. A lot of people find the hidden story between the past and the present that coexist.

Let’s walk along Gunsan. Every step you make, you will make your own story.

Gubul 8-gil (Gogunsan)

Length 10km
Road Name Coastal road
Time 3hrs 30mins
Main Course Sunyu 1 intersection bus station – Sunyudo Sky SUN line – Sunyudo beach – Mangju-bong –
Sunyu 3gu Village – Mongdol Beach – Sunyudo Beach – Sunyudo Harbor – Sunyu 1 Intersection bus station

Watching Sol Island from the beach.

Sunyudo which means an island where gods hang around, is a beautiful island just like its name. At the end of 2017, when the Yeonryuk bridge was built to connect all the small islands in the Gogunsan Archipelago, the mysterious island became more accesible.

After you pass the Sunyudo Sky SUN line where you can enjoy the zip line and arrive at the Sunyudo Beach, you will see the beautiful scenery of the clear water and soft sand. Long beaches and bungalows are hard to find in the West Coast, so this makes it so special that you can’t easily walk away from it.

You will also pass by the Mangju-bong, where you can feel the sacred vibe at once. Mangu-bong is a stone mountain with the myth of a scholar on exile who bowed to the King everyday in the mountain.

Mangju-bong, formed of the Eastern mountain and the Wester mountain.

The Oryong Grave which you can find in the midpoint of the Eastern mountain of the Mangju-bong was a place where people wished for the safe return of the diplomatic ships and trade ships that took off from the West Coast. A lot of wives would have sorrowfully wished for the safe return of their husbands from this  mountain.

Sunyu 3-gu Harbor, you can see the praying red lighthouse behind.

You can see the beautiful Sunyu 3-gu village that can be called as the Santorini and Venice Harbor of Gogunsan Archipelago. As you walk along the big harbor, you will be able to see the lighthouse with the shape of praying hands. Perhaps it wants all the visitors’ wishes to come true. You can wish your own wish while looking at the wide ocean.

You can walk along the coast, too. After passing by the photo zone and crossing a small hill, you can see the amazing view of the sea with the rocks on the seashore. Once you see this, you might think to yourself, ‘Is this really the West Coast?’ and you would immediately want to swim in the beach.

Let’s walk around the fishing village along Mongdol Beach.

After passing by the Mongdol Beach and seeing the secluded scenery of the fishing village, you will come back to the Sunyudo Beach. After you see such a peaceful scenery, you will understand why Taoist gods and goddesses stayed here.

Lastly, you will reach the Sunyudo Harbor. You can enjoy the quiet scenery of the port.

  • Recommendation

    On the weekends, there may be
    heavy traffic due to the many
    people who visit Gogunsan
    Archipelago. Try visiting the place
    during the weekdays to
    completely enjoy the island.

  • Transportation

    Departure: Take no. 7 and no. 83
    from Gunsan Station, or take
    no. 7 from the bus terminal.
    > Get off at the transfer terminal
    of Bieunghang, transfer to
    bus no. 99. > Get of at Sunyudo-li,
    walk until the Sky SUN line.

    Destination: Walk to Sunyu 1
    Intersection from Sunyudo Harbor,
    take bus no. 99 and
    go back inversely.

  • Information center

    Gogunsan Archipelago information Center

  • Representative

    Gunsan Municipal Office Dept. of Tourism Promotion

Gubul 4-gil (Guseummoe)

Length 9km
Road Name Lake Road
Time 3hrs 30mins
Main Course Oksan Daesang Apt. – Oksan reservoir – Woodong Village

The big ecological park,
Oksan Reservoir

Gunsan Reservoir has changed its name to Oksan Reservoir. In the information sign of Gubul-gil, it is known as ‘Gunsan Reservoir’ and in the Internet, it is written as ‘Gunsan Lake’, so keep this in mind.

From the start of the tour, there is the path to get into the great green forest.

As it is selected as the water quality preservation region, the place itself is a big ecological park. When you walk along the riverside, you can find a forked road. If you want to enjoy the scenery a little more, you can walk along the river side. There are sign boards, so you don’t have to worry about losing your way.

You can enjoy Cheongam Mountain along the reservoir.

The beautiful scenery you can see around the lake such as the bamboo forest and big willow tree will wash away your woes. The riverside clears as the wind blows.

You reach the top of the Cheonam mountain. The scenery you see in the top of the mountain will let your troubles go away. You can see a part of the Gunsan city, but the scenery of the wide field in the direction of Saemangeum is breathtaking.

Your tour will end at Woodong Village.
Lakes and mountains contribute to the perfection of this trail.

  • Recommendation

    The trail is nice to walk when
    flowers bloom and the green gets
    thicker in spring, summer and
    August. You can walk around the
    lake even without climbing the
    Cheongam mountain.

  • Transportation

    Departure; Get on no. 41 and 42
    from Gunsan Bus Terminal, and
    no. 43 and 88 from Palma Square,
    terminal. > Get off at Oksam
    terminal, walk about 10 minutes
    to the entrance.

    Destination: Get on bus no. 41, 42,
    43, 88 from Woodong Village
    > Get off at Palma Square, terminal

  • Information center

  • Representative

    Gunsan Municipal Office Dept. of Tourism Promotion

Gubul 5-gil (Moolbit-gil)

Length 9km
Road Name Lake Road
Time 3hrs 30mins
Main Course Around Eunpa Lake Park

You can wak around the lake
and feel the romance.

The original Gubul 5-gil goes around the Gunsan Lake Park, crosses Baekseok-je and Gwangwol mountain, and walks part of the Eunpa Lake Park, and has the total length of 18.4 km.

Along the course, the famous tourist destination Eunpa Lake Park (Eunpa Reservoir) has been newly renovated around the lake, so you can wak around the lake and feel the romance.

The tour starts from Eunpa Tourist Information Center and reaches Moolbit Bridge.

Moolbit birdge is one of the famous features of Eunpa Lake Park that shines bright with colorful lights at night, and is considered as a must-be-visited course for dating couples. However, the bridge looks beautiful when seen in the day.

Nighttime view of Eunpa Lake Park

Along the park, you can see cafes, restaurants, Korean restaurants and other facilities.
This is why the tour course’s purpose is not completing it, but to let oneself rest.
You can also enjoy a cup of coffee while gazing at the lake.

The families and students to visit this park, and even the couples who enjoy the lake on a boat contribute to the romance in the road. If you visit the park when the cherry blossoms bloom, it looks breathtaking and you would want to walk long the road with your beloved ones.

  • Recommendation

    Try the course in Spring when the
    cherry blossoms bloom and
    Summer. On hot days, try taking a
    walk in the evenings.

  • Transportation

    Departure: From Gunsan
    bus terminal, take bus
    no. 9, 11, 12, 13, 72, or
    take bus no. 41, 44, 46
    from Palma Square, terminal
    > Get off at Eunpa
    Lake Park station.

    From Gunsan station, take bus
    no. 83. > Get off at Eunpa
    Lake Park station.
    (Goes back to the starting point,
    goes in the reverse order)

  • Information center

    Eunpa Tourist Destination Management Information Center

  • Representative

    Gunsan Municipal Office Dept. of Tourism Promotion

Gubul 6-1gil (Takryu-gil)

Length 3km
Road Name Coastal road
Time 3hrs 30mins
Main Course Sunyu 1 intersection bus station – Sunyudo Sky SUN line – Sunyudo beach – Mangju-bong –
Sunyu 3gu Village – Mongdol Beach – Sunyudo Beach – Sunyudo Harbor – Sunyu 1 Intersection bus station

It will be much more

This is a place that was the setting of a saga novel by Chae Mansik, ‘Takryu’. This trail has its historical, cultural values because of the modern cultural heritages, Gunsan Harbor and old downtown.

The novel’s setting was in front of the then-casino and grain storehouse in Gunsan, so if you get to know the overall story and walk on the path, it will be much more meaningful.

After you depart from Sunrise Park, you will walk on Gaebok-dong. Gaebok-dong cannot be omitted when you travel in Gunsan. During the Japanese colonization era, there were several theaters that represented Gunsan such as the ‘Gunsanjwa (Gunsan Theater)’, ‘Heesogwan(Gukdo Theater)’ and others. Among these, only Gukdo Theater is left to let the people know about the past.

LeeSungDang, a famous bakery along the tour is the nation’s favorite bakery. Vegetable bread that has just been baked will make you want to eat more than one.

Meet the old Gunsan Street
from inside the Modern History Museum

You arrive at the Modern History Museum as you walk along the Gunsan Harbor.
From Dongpan, where the characters from Takryu can be seen,
you will think of the sad story of Chobong back in the difficult and conflicted times.
The ‘Prelude’ part in the last chapter is the new start of Chobong.

One must visit the Modern History Museum.
You will be able to see the old story of Gunsan.
The power of Gunsan that survived the sorrowful history is heartwarming indeed.

  • Recommendation

    Because the course is short, if you
    have more time, try visiting
    Hirotsu House or Donguk Temple.
    Both places can be visited on foot.

  • Transportation

    Departure: Get on bus
    no. 52,53,54 from Palma Square,
    terminal > Get off at Changseong
    Jugong Apt. station. Walk about
    3 minutes until Seonyang-dong
    Sunrise Park.  

    Destination: From Modern History
    Museum to Kyobo Building in
    Joongang Intersection, it takes
    10 minutes by foot. At Kyobo Life
    insurance station, take bus no. 33
    > Get off at the bus terminal or
    IBK Bank Gunsan Brnch station and
    get on bus no. 1,2,3,7,9,71  
    > Get off at Palma Square, terminal

  • Information center

    Gunsn Tourism Information Center

  • Representative

    Gunsan Municipal Office Dept. of Tourism Promotion