County of Gochang, a step closer to clean natural ecology

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For celebrating a successful four-year incumbency for governor Woojung Park, who has been trying to construct a clean and pure natural ecology city, we will take a look at his accomplishments and vision for the future.

After his inaugural, one of the projects he put effort most was to resolve quarrels and confrontations in order to gather the county together so that the county residents could have a better environment.


- As Gochang is a Biosphere Reserve, it would be important to reserve and keep its ecology safe and clean, however, you must also be concerned about developing the county as a governor. What is your plan so far?

As the whole administrative districts of Gochang is registered as a biosphere reserve, it means that Gochang has competitiveness to become one of the best natural ecology city in the world. In order to do so, it is significant to watch the development of Gochang and estimate where the development will lead to. 

We are working on policies which can enable Gochang to express its special character and natural resources, so that Gochang could be differentiated from other area.

We spent about 4 billion won on Ungok wetland development to construct Wetland experience center, trail roads, ecological forest road and observation platform, and invested 3.5 billion won to establish Eco-Chon, an eco-friendly accomodation.

Biosphere Reserve Management Center, which we spent about 6 billion won, is almost ready to open and it is going to help to reserve, devleop, and support us in more systematic way.

Also we are investing 7 billion won to restore ecological system of mud flat around Simwon-myeon, and investing 22 billion won to restore ecology of Sunwooncuhn river and Hawoonchun river to establish a healthy geological area.

After these developments, county residents around Gochang mud flat and Ungok wetland are getting income by selling local food and agricultural products, and running other tourism business.

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