Participated in 13th Eco-education Hanmadang and 10th Greenway Festival

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Jeollabuk-do participated in the Thirteenth Eco-education Hanmadang and the Tenth Greenway Festival which were held from June 1st to June 3rd. 

With more than 20,000 citizens this year’s Greenway Festival was held together with Korea Eco-educatoni Hanmadang, which is a nation-wide event, to attract social interest towards Eco-education as well as achieving a chance to promote and devleop Greenway Festival as a bigger festival.

In this year, seven counties in Jeollabuk-do (Jeongeup, Namwon, Wanju, Jansu, Imsil, Sunchang, and Gochang) opened booths to promote and advertise their eco-tourism sites (Gyeongcheon Singgeuraengi eco village, Ungok Ramsar wetland eco-tourism area), and “2017 Jeollabuk-do Eco-tourism Forum for a sustainable development” was successfully held as well.

These participations took huge parts for preparing more diversified programs and increasing social awareness about eco-tourism.

Promotion/Experience Booth : Seven cities and counties (Jeongeup, Namwon, Wanju, Jansu, Imsil, Sunchang, and Gochang)

▶ Jeollabuk-do Center
Giveaways (Brochure about introduction to eco-trousim, eco-bags)
Map for Eco-tourism Towns
Information about Jeollabuk-do eco-tourism
Video clips about Jeollabuk-do eco-trousim

Pariticipating Cities/Counties
Jeongeup : Fan making experience for flagship species in Naejang Eco Fun Park, Experiencing Self-Generated electric bicycles
Namwon : Experience insects in Baekdudaegan
Wanju : Grass leaf handicraft, Beverage booth
Jangsu : Creating own handkerchief with Tteunbongsaem flagship species, Beverage booth
Imsil : ‘Make your wish” event, Promoting for eco-tourism site, Specialty goods
Sunchang : Lightings with recyclable materials experience
Gochang : Creating Larva

▶ Eco-tourism site tour : Gyeongcheon Singgeuraengi eco village, Ungok Ramsar wetland eco-tourism area
Number of participants : Total 80 persons (40 for Gochang, 40 for Wanju)

▶ Eco-tourism Forum
Title : 2017 Jeollabuk-do Eco-tourism Forum for a sustainable development
Date : June. 2nd, 2017 (Fri) 13:00~18:00
Location : 2F, Seminar room, Jellabuk-do provincial government building
Subject #1 : Domestic and international case of planning eco-tourism sites
Subject #2 : Develop programs by using ecological resources
Subject #3 : Interactoin between arts and eco-tourism, and its possibility
Subject #4 : Welfare and definition of tour
Subject #5 : External and internal marketing of eco-tourism

▼ Promotion/Experience booth






▼ Eco tour






▼ Eco-tourism forum


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